Design Team

IET’s progress is carefully overseen by a Board of Trustees which meets every quarter, to review the budget, spending and progress on each project. The Chief Executive officer and Chief Operating Officer are present in each meeting. The Annual Meeting takes place in June.

Umer Bhatti- Senior Architect

Umer specializes in heritage and indigenous building techniques. He graduated in Architecture from Dept. of Visual Studies, KU in 2008. He is the Head Designer at Prometheans and Senior Architect at Indus Earth Trust. Umer has also been visiting fcaulty at Visual Studies Dept. Ku and NED University in Karachi. Apart form his architecture work Umer is also a keen photographer and designer with a recent furniture exhibition at Art Chowk.

Muhammed Ansir-Project Architect

Ansir graduated as an Architect from Dept. of Visual Studies, Karachi University, in 2013. He has worked on projects for SSG Naval Operational Training Centre, Heritage Foundation- Makli conservation Project, Destruction risk Reduction Project as well as construction of vernacular architecture and specializes in the use of earth and bamboo as building materials. He has also participated in Chicken Coop Design For US-AID Uganda, DRR-Driven Post Flood Rehabilitation Workshop and 7th Eco-Build Workshop. He achieved 2nd Position in thesis.